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  About Us

  Jiangyin Mould Plastic International Trade Co,Ltd,a branch of Jiangyin Mould Plastic Group Co.Ltd.was established in April,2001. It's engaged in the export and import of various commodities and technologies,tollprocessing business with Mechanical & electrical Equipment ,materials,samples or technical drawings supplied by buyers.compensation trade and carrying trade.The annual trade volume amounts to 30 million US dollars.
  Now there are more than 25 employees who have good knowledge of commodity,technology,foreign language and International trade. The company has set up offices in Germany and USA,which can provide profound disribution channel and information and thus establish good business relationship with overseas companies.
  All these advantages lay the solid foundation for the business development of the company. Nowadays,if imports plastic particles,machinery equipment,and its spare parts from Germany,France,USA,tailand,Singapore,etc At the same time,it exports hardware,autoparts,luxury, passenger,coaches,steel bars and plates ,birdcage book-holder machinary equipments,steel parts and chemical products to Germany,Italy,Belgium,Spainand Southeast countries.
  The company has paid much attention to inernational communication and cooperation and thus engenders certain influence in International market.Now it continues to take active part in attending various trade fairs and external communication activities to enhance its position in industry sector. Especially our German Office DCC-China it provides a better condition.for our import and export trade than others.
  China's entry into WT0 brings huge Opportunity to its development With the further perfect of internafional business network. the company will seize the Opportunity to develop new business field and to enlarge its market share.

☆Company Vision
☆Corporate culture
☆Entrepreneurial spirit
The Building of Jiangyin Mould Plastic International Trade Co.,Ltd......The Building of Jiangyin Mould Plastic International Trade Co.,Ltd
☆The core concept of corporate culture
Hard-working, inclusive and continuous improvement
Diligence: promote traditional afraid to work hard, not suffer serious consequences, positive and progressive spirit of struggle
Inclusive: enhancing enterprise with the cooperation of World Elite......
☆Entrepreneurial spirit
Not afraid of hard work, not afraid of keeping a little bit more.It is the collective interests at the core, "is not afraid of hard work, not afraid of the expense, do a little bit of" spirit, led a group of outstanding people of molding dedic-ated hard......
We specially manufacture garments,shirting,building materials,luxury passenger coaches,BOSCH gun-driller shell,bird-cage,book-holder,machinary equipments,steel parts and chemical products. Tel:0510-86838640 , We Sincerely at your service!
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